A place where blokes can meet, share stories, learn and do stuff.

The Margaret River Men’s Shed Inc was established to support men’s psychological, physical, spiritual and intellectual needs by providing the opportunity for men to meet together in a workshop environment, to participate in practical activities, undertake projects, learn new skills and socialise with each other.  

Founded in 2016, the Shed (with a foundation membership of exactly 100) has developed plans, approved by the Shire to build a brand new facility at Gloucester Park.  Not wishing to await the availability of this facility, a temporary facility has been established in the former Blacksmith’s Shed at the Old Settlement Precinct. Further details are provided below.

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The Blacksmith’s Shed

A combination of donated hand and machine tools and materials, together with some major items of equipment (eg table saw, thicknesser and wood lathes) purchased with the aid of grants from various bodies means that the Blacksmiths Shed has been established as an effective resource for many kinds of woodworking projects, both large and small. Active members are invited to assist with community projects and/or work on personal projects. Although primarily targeted at men the facilities are now available to associate female members at ladies only sessions.

Further donations of operating tools and timber are always welcome. We are happy to collect. Please call 0428 909 198 in this regard.

The Main Shed in Gloucester Park

On land leased from the Shire, adjacent to the tennis courts in Gloucester Park, plans have been fully approved for a 930 sqm multipurpose Men’s Shed comprising one woodworking, one metal working and one mechanical workshop together with catering and meeting room facilities. The latter two facilities will be made available for wider community use. Detailed plans are shown below.

With funds generated from Men’s Shed activities, and generous donations in cash and kind from individuals and organisations, work on Stage 1 commenced on July 16, 2020 with the removal of the Water Corporation’s storage tank that occupied part of the site. The tower will, after preservation, be retained as an architectural feature of the new building.

Stage 1 of the construction which incorporates the workshops and amenities is hoped to be completed by end of winter 2021.

Cash Donations for Stage 1 at August 2020

Lottery West     $311,500

Rotary MR        $200,000

AMR Shire        $100,000

Voyager Estate  $50,000

Leeuwin Estate $20,000

Vasse Felix        $20,000

Lions MR          $10,000

Retravision MR $5,000

Bendigo Bank    $2,500


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