Blacksmith Shed

Blacksmith Shed is at the Eastern end of the ‘Old Settlement Precinct’.

  • Foundation Membership – Foundation Membership closed with exactly 100 members.
  • Active Membership – Commenced from formal opening on 23 October 2017 and already has 43 active members.
  • Insurance – For all those who want to get involved we will need you to sign up for Active Membership to cover personal accident and public liability insurance. The brokers involved advise that the insurance policy for all sheds expires on 28th February each year so we will only be liable for a part premium.
  • Initial operations have comprised cleaning out the shed (Closed for 15 years), sealing the floor and replacing missing windows, installing security screens on all windows and skylights and building solid workbenches from recycled donated jarrah.

    Secondly, Main Shed planning application now has permission to remove the required trees to allow construction.

    Lastly, we have commenced operations with very few items of equipment.

    Donations of operating tools and timber are requested. We will also collect. Call 0428 909 198 in this regard.

  • Parking – To ensure our vehicle parking does not disadvantage the operators of the Hairy Marron we have confirmed that our members will not park in their designated bays. We are allowed to park in the rough area at the shed gate, Rotary Park parking and surrounding roads.
  • Toilets – There are 2 public toilets just above the Hairy Marron.

Main Shed in Gloucester Park

The Shire is still waiting for planning approval from the Federal Dept. of  Environment for permission to clear some trees on site.

Once this approval is granted the Shire will then need State Dept. of Environment to clear the same trees. The scheduled time span for this approval is 90 days.

Once the final sign off on Planning Approval is received costing of Stage 1 – being the rear 20% of the building, will commence.