Honor Denby Explains How To Stain Timber Cutting Boards

Ladies Embrace The Men’s Shed

Since the Margaret River Men’s Shed has made its resources available to females, several ladies have joined the Shed.

Having undergone the necessary safety protocols and led by Honor Denby, the group has been busy executing a number of personal projects on Tuesdays – the day the Shed is purely dedicated to females. It is expected that under Honor’s guidance, the group will become comfortable without any male involvement, other than the occasional training workshop.

Projects include creating wooden puzzles made by Jane Hilton; a number of refurbishing jobs undertaken by Gitte Eyres; and some highly creative hanging spheres made from wine barrel hoops in which potplants are to be suspended designed and created by Honor.

The women were drawn to the Shed by the opportunity to learn new skills, express their creative urges as well as gain access to skills, tools and equipment which would not otherwise be available to them.

The Shed is located in the old Blacksmith building within the historic settlement precinct off Higgins Street. Ladies wishing to join the Shed need only click the blue join button to complete the online Membership Application form.